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Sons of the blue ray

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“Sons of the Blue Ray” é o sétimo Rock Cósmico, inspirado no Raio Azul da Grande Fraternidade Branca, com a mensagem da vontade divina, força, propósito e proteção.

Artista: Sylvestra Bianchi
Selo: Independente
Data De Lançamento: 17/05/2022
Gênero: Rock Cósmico
Editora: Independente


Sons of the blue ray

Sons of the Blue Ray
Aaaa In this life
Son of El Morya i am

When you were creating a body for my soul
and brought my soul in this body
You traced my paths by divine will
by divine will I borned in Brazil

We found out how strong we have to be
We found out how big is our faith
We didn't know the extent of our power
We didn't know how big is our courage

Sons of the Blue Ray
In White Brotherhood
i trust and pray

Sons of the Blue Ray
From the temple we live today

Sons of the Blue Ray
sons of El Morya,
we are strong everyday

Sons of the Blue Ray
El Morya with me all the way

on the journey of purposes
breaking up old structures
in the path of good
in the path of goodwill
with an unshakable faith
we are safe with michael
on our side is michael
a legion of archangels
sons of the blue ray…